About Sociology of Art

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Hi, I’m Dr. Laura Braden

As an Assistant Professor of Arts & Culture at Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL), I research society’s impact on art. I am interested in artistic reputation, the role of museums, collectors, critics, and important stakeholders, what leads of long-term historical recognition and spectacular selling prices. I am currently working on a project about the careers and identities of designers.

I have started this website, Sociology of Art, as an interactive platform for people who want to explore and contribute to research related to sociology of art, artistic careers, and art worlds in general.

Below, you can find some of the classes I teach and my research publications, many of them open access. More information on classes and an accurate timetable is available on this Erasmus University Rotterdam page.

            M.A. classes B.A. classes
Advanced Theory of Sociology of Culture Consumption and Identity
Gender and the Arts Recognition in the Arts
Theory of Cultural Policy Film in Society
Researching Artistic Careers Language and Symbols of Media
Art and Communication
Research Design



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